This Is What a Feminist Looks Like

This is what a feminist looks like

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Another Sexist Commercial.

Old spice has always sucked but now they get the finger……………..

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One of the Many Faces of Courage

Sorry Ive been off the blogsphere for awhile. Ill be back soon with many posts. Thanks for the emails.

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Beyond Rape: A Survivor’s Story

If you have not seen this from the Cleveland Plains Dealer Beyond Rape: A Survivor’s Story take a read. The level of detail in the exploration of how the system worked in one case is really amazing.

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In Honor of Mildred Loving

Mildred Loving, matriarch of interracial marriage, dies

Loving and her white husband, Richard, changed history in 1967 when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld their right to marry. The ruling struck down laws banning racially mixed marriages in at least 17 states.

“There can be no doubt that restricting the freedom to marry solely because of racial classifications violates the central meaning of the equal protection clause,” the court ruled in a unanimous decision.

Her husband died in 1975. Shy and soft-spoken, Loving shunned publicity and in a rare interview with The Associated Press last June, insisted she never wanted to be a hero — just a bride.

“It wasn’t my doing,” Loving said. “It was God’s work.”

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“How do You Keep A Social Movement Alive: Why We Can’t Wait”

April is Sexual Assault Awareness’ Month. In conjunction with the wearing red to end sexual assault, we will also wear red to represent the many types of violence that women of color endure and how these various types of violence are interconnected. I’m glad that this may increase awareness about this ever increasing social problem but I hope it doesn’t have the undesirable side effect of causing us to only worry about them for 30 out of 365 days a year.

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“Banished” Filmmaker Marco Williams

This documentary investigates a little-known period of ethnic cleansing in the United States: Roughly 1860 to 1920, when several counties and cities across the United States, including Forsyth County (Remember when Oprah went there?), Georgia, Pierce City, Missouri, and Washington County, Indiana, purged their black residents through violence and intimidation

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Stayceyann Chin “Feminist or a Womanist”

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Remember the Dreamer

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