Hello world!

My blog is my declaration of independence.  Being a black male feminist shapes my identity, my choices and my work.  Being a feminist has granted me freedom from society’s expected norms and values.  I feel like identifying myself as a black, male feminist does not fully express the diversity of my life but it puts into context my experience as a human being on this earth.  Both race and gender are social constructs that I refuse to accept.  I believe I take their power away and define a new progressive masculinity by adding feminist.  During the civil rights movement there were white people who became a part of the movement.  At anytime they could have left and been a part of the “white world”. The same is true for me.  I can leave at anytime and embrace the patriarchy.  Just like many white people in the civil rights struggle, I choose not to.   I don’t view feminism as a political avenue.  It has become a way of life.  I am always confronted with the question “How can a man be a feminist?”.  My answer is “How can a man not be?  Especially a black man.” Hopefully through this blog I can continue detoxify myself of the patriarchal socialization and help others as well.  Welcome and enjoy……

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